About Angel

If you are here is, probably, because you want to find out more about me. I was born the 12th of September of 1975 in Laredo (Spain), at least that’s written in my Passport. After a happy childhood in the town, I went to University in Santander, which is not far at all, and ended up with an Engineering Degree in Telecommunications.

After finishing university, and due to the need of eating and pay my photography vice, I came to live to Düsseldof (Germany). Here I found a job in Ericsson, where, for the last 7 years, I have been messing around with UMTS networks. Don’t worry I won’t bore you with details about my work.

Here I met Marta, who after the wedding ceremony became my wife. Some time later we decided to increase the family size and Miguel arrived to our lives. 3 years later a the “thick headed” Diego joined the troupe. Now we are a happy familly that strolls by the Rhein after work.
As I said, one of my vices is photography, the other is travelling. Luckily Marta also loves to travel (and puts up with photography, after I bought her a camera). So, when money and time allow, we try to discover this world and bring it back home captured in our sensors.

Some time ago some friends thought that it was a good idea and asked me to photograph their wedding, other friends asked me for some famiy portraits, others wanted photos of their newborn… Word of mouth did the rest and my hobby started to pay off for itself. I enjoy meeting new people and working with them to capture their personality and get the best images possible.

In this web I combined both passions with technology, I hope that you like it. If you want to contact me, you can send me and e-mail to colas@gmx.net
Thanks for visiting!